Personal Injury

David’s practice exclusively focuses on personal injury matters. This gives him the ability to tailor his expertise to your specific personal injury needs. It is very important to David to have an in-depth understanding of your case because he wants to ensure your case gets the attention it needs.

Here are a few personal injury law issues within our expertise:

  • Brain Injury

  • Car Accidents

  • Dog Bites

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Trucking Accidents

  • Wrongful Death

Finding a cost-effective solution for your specific needs is our goal. We will listen, advocate, and diligently move your case towards finding the appropriate solution.

Get the Compensation You Deserve!

Brain Injury

In car accidents, construction-site accidents, and falling accidents, there is a real risk that a person suffers blunt trauma to his or her head. Society’s medical understanding of brain injuries has advanced greatly in the last few years. We have discovered that even more mild brain injuries can have long-term consequences to a person.

Here are Loeffler Law, we have handled brain injury cases ranging from our client having a few months of post-concussion symptoms to catastrophic brain injury leaving our client unable to care for himself in any capacity. These cases are heart-breaking because many times a victim may physically look healed but mentally and/or emotionally they are not the same person. Our clients have described feeling trapped inside themselves frustrated with their inability to control emotions. They are frustrated that simple tasks and language become a challenge. Most sad of all are the cases where a victim’s family becomes distant due to all negative cognitive and emotional issues that the victim is helpless to control.

Brain injury cases require the use of top experts in neurology and psychology to help explain the consequence to a person from blunt trauma to the brain. Although very long and strenuous, our clients get the testing needed to identify their injury and then the treatment necessary to combat the injury.

If you or a loved-one suffer a concussion or other brain injury, please do not hesitate to contact Loeffler Law to meet with one of our attorneys. We are here to help relieve some stress and try to answer any questions you have about whether you have a case.

Car Accident

A personal injury cases at Loeffler Law deal with accidents involving vehicles – cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, ATVs, etc. It cannot be stressed enough that if you or someone you know is in such an accident that decisions made while at the scene and in the following days can greatly affect your claim. David Loeffler of Loeffler Law has 5+ years of experience working as in-house counsel for one of the world’s largest insurance carriers. During that time, he gained insight of how insurance companies investigate, evaluate, and compensate victims of vehicle accidents.

Now, his clients get the benefit of that experience and perspective. It cannot be emphasized enough that the insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible and use any adverse fact as support to lower the value of your claim. Unfortunately, there are times that a person trying to “tough it out” or “grin and bear it” ultimately is used against them later in litigation.

Here at Loeffler Law, we offer free consultations with you in person or over the telephone, so we can answer your questions and lighten the burden. We offer this consultation at no charge because we don’t want costs to be a deterrent to a potential client when he or she are genuinely hurt and in need of guidance.

Please do not hesitate to call Loeffler Law after an accident. The sooner you call the better to make sure that the decisions you make in the days following an accident do not adversely affect your claim and/or case.

Dog Bites

Everyone loves their dog. We at Loeffler law are no different. Unfortunately, we know that certain owners do not take responsibility for properly training, caring, and/or restraining their animals which leads to dog bites and attacks. Sadly, many of the cases involve younger children and older citizens.

Loeffler Law has handled a wide range of dog bite/attack cases from the typical single bite to a vicious multiple pit-bull attack on an elderly veteran. We work with dog behavior experts to determine if a dog-in-question was prone to attack or showed concerning behavior that an owner should have discovered. There are many times that during the discovery phase of litigation we learn that the dog-in-question has a history of other bites, attacks, and/or aggressive behavior.

We encourage everyone to exercise initial caution when dealing with someone else’s dog and make sure that children don’t approach a dog too quickly – even if the dog’s owner ensures that the animal is safe. With children, it is better to be overly cautious than risk any kind of injury.

Motorcycle Accidents

At Loeffler Law, we have extensive experience with motorcycle accidents. Many times, when a motorcycle and car collide it is the motorcyclist that suffers the major injuries. Our firm has represented motorcyclist that have suffered injuries from road rash to catastrophic brain and orthopedic injury. Additionally, and the most heartbreaking, we have represented families that have lost a loved-one in motorcyclist accidents.

Do not go through such a case alone and risk the insurance companies trying to take advantage of you or a loved one. The insurance companies know that if Loeffler Law is involved that there will be no resolution or settlement of the case unless our clients are compensated for their bills, damages, injuries, and suffering.

Trucking Accidents

At Loeffler Law, accidents involving semi-trucks is a special focus of practice. Throughout the years, our attorneys have settled and litigated trucking cases ranging from minor injuries to multiple fatalities.

These cases require a specialized knowledge and skill due to the fact that many trucking companies employ sophisticated defense firms to minimize your case in any way possible. This is where having the right attorney makes all the difference in being forced to take a low value settlement and fighting to get the compensation deserved.

Trucking accident cases require experts on how the accident took place and mechanics of the vehicles. The attorneys at Loeffler Law work with such experts on a regular basis and will ensure your case gets the support it needs. Further, the attorneys at Loeffler Law have taken these cases to trial and put on the evidence in front of a jury. This experience is not as common as some other attorneys would have you believe.

If you or a loved one has been in a trucking accident, make sure that your attorney has the actual experience of working on and taking trucking cases to trial – rather than just advertising. Here at Loeffler Law, we are happy to sit down with you free of charge to discuss and see if you have a case.

Wrongful Death

Cases where a loved one loses his or her life because of the actions of another are some of the most difficult cases. Dealing with death is one of the hardest issues all of us deal with in life, and when it could have been prevented, it becomes more complicated to rationalize.

A person that is a successor-in-interest can file a lawsuit for the loss of love, support, counsel, advice, etc. against the person and/or entity that caused your loved one’s death. The types of cases can be very complex with several experts to determine life expectancy and future income of the deceased. The attorneys at Loeffler Law are experienced with litigating wrongful death claims up to and through a jury trial.

Although we hope that you never suffer such a loss, if a loved one is taken from you because of the wrongful conduct of another person and/or business then make sure you fine a law firm that will handle it with the respect and professionalism required.

Here are Loeffler Law, we are here to help answer any questions and ease your burden.